Want a New Look, Change Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Yes, you heard right. If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware. Since many homeowners have mortgages that are underwater, staying in your current home may be the only option you have.

But that doesn’t mean your existing home has to be boring. If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware, which is easy and relatively inexpensive. In fact, it can give your kitchen a makeover in just a weekend.

If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware by giving it some personality. There are plenty of themed hardware sets out on the market these days. From nautical and country to French and western, chances are really good that you’ll find something that’s perfect for you.

If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware by shopping online first. You’ll find a greater selection at online retailers, far more than you’ll find in your local home improvement store. This is particularly true if you live in the country or the suburbs. While a trip to the big city can take a lot of planning, a trip online is an easy way to find just what you’re looking for, especially if your goal is new kitchen cabinet hardware.

You don’t even need to reface your cabinets to give your kitchen a fresh, new look. If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware and you may find that the cabinets themselves look brand new.

If you’re happy with the current look, but simply want to give the kitchen a minor facelift, you can start small. If you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware with similar styles. Change it up by adding some back plates to the knobs and pulls. Or switch from pulls to knobs or vice versa. There are no hard and fast rules and when you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware to match your own tastes and interests.

For example, you can go with themed pulls, knobs and back plates. This is where shopping online has a definite advantage when you want a new look, change your kitchen cabinet hardware with ones that match your location, interior décor or pursuits. For instance, boaters can redo their kitchens in a nautical motif. This is particularly well suited for beach homes as well.

One of the most important things to consider is the ergonomics and comfort of the hardware you purchase. You don’t want to fall in love with a particular style, only to find that your fingers get pinched in the pull when you try to open a heavy drawer. This is why it’s wise to select several different knobs or pulls for your cabinets. This allows you to install them to not only make sure they fit your drawers and cabinets, but your hands as well. In fact, you can install several different styles so you can see which ones you like best. This can save you a lot of time and effort as you won’t end up with a bunch of hardware that doesn’t suit your style, taste or lifestyle.

Fortunately, kitchen cabinet hardware is really easy to swap out. Usually you only need a screwdriver to remove the old knob or pull and put on the new one. Drawer slides and hinges may be a bit more difficult, but usually you don’t need to swap these items out. New knobs, pulls, handles and perhaps even back plates are all you need to give your kitchen a fresh new look. And with today’s soft real estate sales, falling in love with your own home all over again can be a great alternative to trying to sell it right now.

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Quick Tips to Create a Unique Kitchen With Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

With so many kitchen cabinet hardware options, it can be a daunting task to find the perfect cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, and other hardware items for the home. What’s more, many homeowners want to go a step beyond average, to create a unique and memorable home environment. These four cabinet hardware tips will help you navigate the diverse options and help in the creation of a truly unique kitchen decor.

1. Say it with Color: One of the best ways to make your kitchen stand out is to use color in unexpected ways. For instance, Liberty Hardware provides a great collection of bright and whimsical painted cabinet knobs that will certainly make a statement in the kitchen. Rather than purchasing standard metal finishes, try ceramic painted knobs or two-toned cabinet handles. When choosing color schemes, consider your existing kitchen décor. For instance, if your counters and cabinets are warm tones, you may want to choose colors such as red or orange, while cooler tones will look best with greens and blues. Multi-colored cabinet knobs are another fun option, especially against plain or dark backgrounds.

2. Try Unexpected Materials: Most kitchen cabinet hardware is available in metal materials and finishes, such as pewter and stainless steel. There are other, more distinctive, options available, such as Liberty’s glass cabinet handles, or Berenson’s wood cabinet handles. Another idea is to use materials that are not traditionally matched with your existing décor, so as to create interesting aesthetic dissonance. For instance, chrome finishes are often matched with modern looks and styles. Instead, you could try chrome cabinet knobs against a more traditional or country-style kitchen for a bit of unconventional flair.

3. Use Shapes & Designs: Cabinet pulls and knobs come in a variety of different shapes, styles, and sizes, but some are more unique than others. As you shop, be sure to browse some of the more whimsical designs, such as animal shapes, birdcage knobs and more. Let your personality and interests shine through your cabinet hardware by adding these types of memorable elements to your home. Manufacturers like Anne at Home Hardware, Liberty Hardware, and many others provide themed cabinet knobs. Even a starfish or horse cabinet pull can look stylish and sophisticated, especially when finished in a refined material such as pewter.

4. Mix & Match: Don’t be afraid to try out a variety cabinet knobs and cabinet handles in different places around your home, or even in the same room. With so much discount cabinet hardware from which to choose, you don’t have to settle for just one look. Many modern and unique kitchens use an array of kitchen cabinet hardware designs and materials, so as to add diversity and fun to the home environment. For instance, try alternating round and square cabinet knobs, or even knobs and handles around the kitchen. Try to keep at least one element constant, such as the finish or shape. For example, if you are varying the shapes, use a common finish, and visa-versa. This can help maintain continuity, and prevents your kitchen from appearing cluttered.

One of the dangers in creating a unique décor for your home is the possibility of going overboard. Use these tips as inspiration for memorable designs, but be sure to keep your overall look in mind as you plan out your purchases. Take advantage of the large selection offered by leading manufacturers such as Liberty, Amerock, Alno and others. Remember to think ahead before committing to any specific purchase, as design tastes often change with time. Finally, enjoy your new, unique kitchen look!

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Bronze Cabinet Hardware is an Ideal Home Investment

Cabinets are fundamental and necessary components of a home. These furnishings are important in the proper and organized safekeeping of various items and articles that are useful in the daily domestic operations. Due to this functionality, cupboards and such display cases are staple fixtures in every room in every home. In addition to that, cabinets and such display cases can also serve as decorations. The scores of cabinet designs and themes available today are such that no matter what motif a home has, there will always be cabinet models that can perfectly go with it. One style that many homeowners have a preference for is the bronze cabinet hardware variety.

Bronze is an extremely popular material used in cabinet hardware. With its durability and resilience to harsh conditions, bronze is one type of material that many manufacturers rely on. The metal alloy has long been used as a main element in the production of furniture. It even goes back to the days when the Romans found practical use for it and made it a key component in the creation of weapons. In recent times, bronze is used in the art world to build statues and sculptures of well-known figures. Another quality that the material has is unique shine it possesses, which gives it a glossy and polished look.

These characteristics make bronze a good choice for home decor. Apart from its durability, the material can also lend a distinct look to furnishings, making it an ideal choice in terms of interior decoration. Cabinet hardware made from bronze are likewise resistant to rust, and therefore, will endure longer than most other elements. These days, there are a variety of bronze cabinet components that can be obtained from the internet as well as in traditional home furnishings stores. On the whole, finding cabinet pieces that will complement the existing look in a home can be simple by following a few simple steps.

When buying cabinet hardware of any type, there are several points to bear in mind. A homeowner has the choice to stay on a budget or pick the pricier ones. Sometimes though, there are suppliers that can offer superior quality pieces at affordable prices. Prior to making a purchase, determine the kind of hardware that will fit the room it will be mounted in. After that, come up with a theme or motif for the area, preferably one that can complement the existing decor, or highlight it. Make a list of the hardware items needed to be installed in the room, the quantity of each and the sizes.

When the rudimentary details are determined, take a picture of the entire room and its features and bring the photograph along when searching for the needed hardware. This can be helpful in the selection process as it can be an accurate guide in picking out from a sea of designs and styles. When visiting shops, ask for assistance in coming up with the most suitable pieces for the room. If shopping online, refine the search to include only the relevant sites for bronze cabinet hardware. Doing this will make obtaining appropriate hardware a whole lot easier.

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets Offer a World of Possibilities

Travelling the world is a romantic notion, but do you really have the time to plan it, the energy to do it and the patience to deal with navigating a new country? Fortunately, with some creatively designed kitchen cabinets, you can do the next best thing: Bring the world to you.

It may sound like a tall order, but the range of options for kitchen cabinets these days brings it well within your reach. All it takes is a pinch of creativity and a dash of style to produce an international flavour for your newly designed kitchen. So start by asking yourself a simple question. Where do I want to go?

It’s a country that’s passionate about family, friends and food. What better model on which to base your world-class kitchen cabinets? You can also pair it with a current trend in kitchen design that employs contrasting colors or wood finishes to highlight different areas of the room. Try a Tuscan-inspired buttery hue finished with a distressed glaze for the main kitchen cabinets that contain appliances and storage space. Combine that with a central island composed of rich walnut and top off the Tuscan influence with decorative touches in a deep red, perhaps framing the cooking station. Widely regarded as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Tuscany is a fitting place to start reviving your kitchen cabinets and fall in “amore” with your kitchen all over again.

Apart from making great fries, France is renowned for its gourmet food and unparalleled wines. In fact, their philosophy may be similar to yours: Do what you love, and do it better than anyone else. Imagine the possibilities when you take that approach to your kitchen cabinets.

Picture graceful S-curve moldings on the doors of upper kitchen cabinets, a touch rooted in classic Louis XIV furniture. Now envision a farmhouse style sink supported by carved cabriole legs (legs shaped in two curves where the upper arc is convex and the lower one is concave), giving the sink a furniture-feel to it and helping it to blend with the base cabinets.

The island will have its own French flair with bands of reeded molding around the top and corner corbels (brackets) carved with flowers and shells. Finish off the island with crackled and glazed blue paint to produce an antique touch that’s fit for Louis XIV, or any other king for that matter.

France (part deux)
Perhaps you favor a different French style for your kitchen cabinets, more like a classic country retreat. You’ll start with rugged wood and stone architecture as your foundation and then add kitchen cabinets with distinct details and finishes such as heavy scrolled hardware and old-world hinges. Finish it off with a farmhouse-style table in place of a modern island and you’ll wind up with a kitchen that even a Frenchman would envy.

It may sound like a case of “one of these things just doesn’t belong”, but when it comes to fueling your drive towards worldly kitchen cabinets, the modern Scandinavian style takes a back seat to no one. Characterized by bright light and linear design, it balances industrial style kitchen cabinets featuring slab fronts with softening materials and finishes. Danish inspired teak veneer serves as a focal point while providing ample storage by way of floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets. Similar cabinetry styles and hardware throughout the kitchen effectively complement the variety of finishes and achieves a harmonious effect. Would you expect anything less from one of the most peace-loving regions in the world?

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A Simple Remodel With Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

One of the easiest ways to get a new look for your home is to change out the hardware on your kitchen cabinets, and even your bathroom ones, too. It is one of the least expensive remodels you can do, and it can be done in a weekend.

It is relatively easy, too. To do a weekend remodel using kitchen cabinet knobs, you want to do your homework first. For example, you want your knobs to match the existing or planned décor of your home. If you have a country kitchen, you may want to go with some glass knobs for a retro, farmhouse look or blue and white porcelain for a French country appearance. Or you can go with something that fits your passions. If you have a garden-themed kitchen, for instance, consider using kitchen cabinet kitchen knobs in the shape of fruits and vegetables or even garden implements.

In recent years, manufacturers have turned out a huge variety of knobs, both more traditional styles and ones that are very unique. If you want to go more traditional, you can think about matching your knobs to the colors of your countertops or the metal of your fixtures, appliances or range hood.

You can also choose to go with the period your kitchen was done in. For example, if you have a Victorian home, you may want to go with matching kitchen cabinet knobs that were in use at the time. You could purchase actual antique knobs, but you may find it cheaper to go with reproductions that are new.

As you can see, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing new knobs. You’re only limited by your imagination and your budget. Knobs range in price from less than a buck a piece to $10 or more, depending on the style, manufacturer and materials.

Replacing the knobs is easy.

Remove the old knobs and pulls with a screwdriver. You’ll have to empty out your drawers first. If the cabinet area that was around the knob is dirty, clean it while you have the knobs off or plan on purchasing back plates to cover up any scratches, dings or stains you can’t remove with a good cleaning.

If you’re just replacing knobs with new kitchen cabinet knobs, it should be a simple matter. If you’re replacing pulls with kitchen cabinet knobs, you may have to do some extra work, filling the two holes that were used for a pull and then drilling a new hole for the single knob. The best way to do this is to make a master template for the placement of a knob on the drawers. Do one drawer, make the template based on that drawer and then use it for the others. This will help you make sure that the hole is in the same place and at the same height on every cabinet drawer facing.

Remember that if you use backplates with the knobs, you may need slightly longer screws than those that came with the knobs.

If you’re replacing your kitchen cabinet knobs you probably have to replace the hinges and other hardware, too. If you’re using the same finish (i.e., the old knobs and hinges were brass, as are the new knobs), you may be able to get away with not replacing them.

If you’re on a budget, you may want to shop only for kitchen cabinet knobs that are in the same finish as the other cabinet hardware. This will allow you to do the whole kitchen in a weekend while saving some money you would have spent on new hinges for every cabinet in the room.

With the resale value of homes flat, remodeling the kitchen is an easy way to make the house you once hope you could sell feel like home again and with the right knobs, even feel a bit like a new home.

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